Transform the Sun’s Rays into Electricity, Harnessing its Power for a Sustainable Future

The transformation to a Net-Zero society becomes a global challenge since our world has been striving to create a greener and smarter future for all generations. ‘Sustainability’ is no longer a matter of do or don’t, but rather “when.” Correspondingly, there is a growing engagement from businesses across public and private sectors to put sustainability as the top agenda bringing about an actual act.

Challenges in Energy Sector
Reaching carbon neutrality means that by around 2050, the planet’s total greenhouse gas emissions are expected to decline as close to zero. To achieve this goal, many organizations seek smart business solutions that help their energy management system be more environmentally friendly. And this is Banpu NEXT’s intention as a leading smart energy provider in the Asia-Pacific region. We tailor total Smart Energy Solutions to meet the needs of each customer while also enhancing value for both their businesses and society.

Banpu NEXT’s Smart Energy Solutions
Banpu NEXT believes potential clean energy results from the smart management system. “Solar Rooftop Solutions” is a turnkey one-stop installation service for renewable power generation systems. In addition, we have incorporated technology to enhance the efficiency of the installation system by designing a digital platform that can analyze the production, energy usage, and calculate cost savings in real-time.

The installation of solar cells is available on any roof type. All kinds of industries, for example, schools, hospitals, factories, hotels, shopping malls, markets, and gas stations, are therefore able to participate in the Net-Zero mission.

How Does Solar Energy Benefits Your Business?

  •  Enhance Business Operational Efficiency

The application of solar rooftops, which are solar energy generators with smart systems that enhance energy management efficiency, to the business and industrial sectors brings advantages in terms of both functionality and sustainable practices. It enables corporations to generate a return on investment while contributing positively to society by reducing energy costs and developing sustainable business strategies.

  • Environmental-Friendly

In terms of the environment, Solar Rooftop remains one of the most effective solutions for tackling global warming. It reduces carbon footprint by eliminating greenhouse gas emissions from energy production. Additionally, it decreases dependence on energy sources that are finite and already depleted since solar energy is an unlimited and renewable source. The following consequences can be indicated in life betterment from individual to society.

  • Positive Organization Image

Moreover, the solar roof also promotes brand perception, which tends to gain customers’ awareness and confidence in the organization’s customers. And it aligns with the sustainable business objectives that prioritize the three ESG concepts: environmental, social, and governance as key principles.

Banpu NEXT’s Solar Rooftop Installation Service
Banpu NEXT also provides consultation, site surveys, system design, and installation through our expert teams. Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, we develop digital platforms to increase operational efficiency with an energy management system that can monitor real-time energy usage, send alerts in case of system malfunctions, and provide news and information updates with our 24-hour call center service.

A Future for Rooftop Solar Solution
The increasing use of generating electricity from solar roofs is thriving the global market significantly. We expect continued growth due to the dropping cost of equipment and installation in the last decade. According to IEA’s reports, the number of buildings worldwide relying on solar cells is predicted to skyrocket from approximately 25 million to more than 100 million by 2030. Years from now, thus, we are likely to see rooftop solar panels installed in many sectors worldwide. The future for rooftop solar energy is bright; a greener society is looming up.

Long-term Clean Energy Partner
Therefore, Banpu Next would like to encourage leading organizations to get involved in installing an integrated solar rooftop system. You can learn more about our Solar Rooftop Solution, here: