‘Microgrid’ All-in-one power generation, storage, and supply system

Electric power supply remains inadequate in some parts of Thailand, especially on off-grid islands, in faraway regions, and among businesses with high power consumption or industrial users with the need to power their operations round the clock. As Asia-Pacific’s leading provider of smart energy solutions for sustainability, Banpu NEXT has developed a microgrid system as its new smart energy solution that will enable customers to tap into clean energy sources, ensuring sufficient, stable, and continuous power supply for sustainable living and business or industrial operations.

The huge potential of renewable energy is on the world’s radar today as electricity consumption continues to grow in line with industries. Electricity is vital to economic and industrial growth. It is also an essential household utility. However, electric power supply still falls short of demand in some parts of Thailand. Banpu NEXT has piloted installation of a fully integrated microgrid system at Mali Resort, an eco-friendly island resort hotel that seeks to reduce its dependence on diesel generation, cut down energy cost and reduce pollutions to build a sustainable business and contribute to sustainability of local community and the island’s ecosystem. The microgrid designed for Mali Resort enables the business to reduce its monthly energy cost by 30% or more than a million baht per year. In addition to helping promote the use of clean energy, the resort’s microgrid exemplifies how the need for a reliable energy solution with power stability can be met without depending solely on the power grid, allowing the users to ensure availability of electric power in times of urgent need and enjoy continuity of power supply round the clock.

What is a microgrid?

A microgrid is a decentralized group of electricity sources that operate together as an interconnected network for electricity delivery, resulting in a small local grid that can disconnect from the power grid to function autonomously (off-grid) or connect to it to operate in on-grid mode. A microgrid can integrate various sources of distributed generation, including renewable and non-renewable energy sources.

Enjoy sufficient power supply and trouble-free operation by ensuring provision by the expert

Banpu NEXT’s microgrid system is all-in-one system with power generation, storage, and supply. It helps businesses trim down their electricity cost, reduce pollutions and ensure friendliness to the environment, being an alternative electricity source with high stability and flexibility. During the day, its solar power system generates electricity to supply to electrical loads whereas the surplus is kept in storage battery as a reserve for times of day when solar power generation turns low. The system also serves as a source of backup power supply for emergency use and nighttime needs. It features a hybrid inverter that converts electricity from different energy sources for utilization. This microgrid can operate both on and off-grid, resulting in efficiency and continuous availability of power supply 24 hours a day. The system is ideal for hotels, resorts, and private businesses on an island or in a region with no access to the power grid, as well as industrial operations with 24/7 demand for electric power, such as cold storage businesses, chilled and frozen food businesses, steel mills and hospitals that seek to raise their profiles as an eco-business and build sustainable growth.

Banpu NEXT has installed its solar power system complete with storage battery and remote-control capability through Banpu NEXT’s Energy Management System, a digital platform that also enables system monitoring in real time with high accuracy.

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