Driving sustainable use of E-Mobility with Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) from Banpu NEXT

For continuity of smart city development in Thailand

E-Mobility plays an important role in introducing clean energy to the world of transportation. It electrifies vehicles, replacing fuels with electricity as the source of power for motor vehicles. In addition to cost-saving, E-Mobility is sustainable and eco-friendly. It also helps reduce the emission of nitrogen dioxide which is a precursor of unhealthy PM 2.5.

With an ambition to optimize E-Mobility utilization in a sustainable way, “Smart Energy Utilization” was created as one of “Smart Energy Solutions” from Banpu NEXT. The company has developed fully integrated alternative mobility service in the form of Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) with the capability to design customized E-Mobility services for all modes of transportation, including land and water transport, to meet diverse needs of business customers. Banpu NEXT’s MaaS also provides reliable after-sales service that innovatively integrates technologies and digital platforms into travel and transportation services, which enables commuters and travelers to enjoy on-demand services and travel planning with great convenience and speed at reasonable prices without compromising friendliness to the environment.

Banpu NEXT’s fully integrated alternative mobility service or ‘Mobility as a Service’ (MaaS) is currently comprised of

  • Mobility Sharing – an EV rental service via HAUP application based on sharing economy trend that “renting” is becoming a mainstream business trend globally, replacing the traditional concept of “owning”. 
  • Ride Sharing – an on-demand electric Tuk Tuk service via MuvMi application that enables passengers to save time and cost of transportation by sharing their rides with others taking the same route.
  • Fleet & Charger Management – an EV fleet and charging station management service provided on an efficient platform complete with the best after-sales service. 

Banpu NEXT is determined to drive forward E-Mobility with its MaaS offerings to broaden corporate customers’ and consumers’ access to smart mobility as one of the seven key elements of Thailand’s smart city development. Thai people can today experience the advantages of E-Mobility through Mobility Sharing service to enjoy “renting” instead of “owning” or share their rides with others by using on-demand Ride Sharing service to save time and cost of transportation and simultaneously contribute to the promotion of electric vehicles for sustainable E-Mobility development.