Banpu NEXT takes Energy Management System to next level for quick boost in energy performance of businesses and guaranteed saving on electricity and utility bills

Banpu NEXT continues to develop Energy Management System (EMS) to help customers upgrade their energy management capability with a multidimensional approach that encompasses utility management and energy efficiency solutions, facility management, and district cooling systems and infrastructure. EMS brings to customers competitive advantages of hardware, software, and digital platform that have been approved by the Federation of Thai Industries (FTI). It helps optimize energy efficiency, enables real-time monitoring and control, and comes with one stop service from energy audit and system design to installation and after-sales. The system emerges as a solution for companies that seek to reduce their operating or production costs, especially factories, hotels, and mixed-use properties. It is provided with guaranteed saving on electricity bills, enabling customers to begin saving quickly to enjoy increased profits in long term as they reduce CO2 emissions and drive sustainable business growth along the way.

Operational adaptation is being fast-tracked across industrial and business sectors today in the face of major challenges, including transition to a net-zero world and soaring energy costs. According to FTI, the industrial sector is shouldering more than 20% increase in production costs as a result of rising energy prices*. While energy management system is emerging as a key tool to help companies trim down their energy and utility costs, it will also enable them to enjoy long-term value for investment, contribute to sustainability, and align their operations with net-zero goal.

Banpu NEXT is a leading smart energy solutions provider in Asia-Pacific with the capability to offer total Smart Energy Solutions. The company is continuingly engaged in the development of energy management systems and consistently explores partnership opportunities with strong players in the field of energy management. Last year, Banpu NEXT formed a new partnership with SP Group, a leading utilities group in Singapore and Asia-Pacific. With its strong expertise in district cooling, SP Group designed, built, and operates the world’s largest Multi-Plant district cooling network in Singapore’s Marina Bay district as well as district heating and cooling systems for large mixed-use properties in Chongqing and Guangzhou, China. In one of the most recent moves this year, Banpu NEXT acquired a stake in Thai tech startup AltoTech Global Co., Ltd., the developer of Alto Energy Edge energy management platform that innovatively uses AI and IoT technologies to monitor and optimize building’s energy efficiency. These partnerships are regarded as important milestones reached by Banpu NEXT as the company seeks to strengthen its energy management business and build up a combined, one-stop capability to provide the most extensive range of energy management system services to customers in Thailand and abroad.

Banpu NEXT provides total energy management solutions under close supervision of energy technology experts in every process of the service, ranging from energy consumption inspection and analysis, design customization, devices and solution installation complete with AI and IoT functionalities and digital platform, and after-sales service and support. The company’s offerings span across three core areas of energy management: 1) Utility Management & Energy Efficiency Solutions, which encompass chilled water system, air conditioning, compressed air, and steam and hot water systems with guaranteed energy performance and cost saving; 2) Facility Management, focusing on maintenance and technical services for buildings; and 3) District Cooling Systems and Infrastructure provided as a business solution for large-sized property developments.

Banpu NEXT currently serves a strong base of customers and is highly trusted as the energy management partner by leading companies in various industries, including mixed-use property developers and community malls as well as companies in petrochemical and chemical, building materials, and automotive industries. The company’s Energy Management System helps customers achieve their energy cost-saving and CO2 emission reduction targets. For example, Banpu NEXT has provided energy-saving guidelines to a hotel business and helped upgrade its chilled water system with a high-performance chiller along with installation of a variable-frequency drive. The result is customer’s ability to slash its energy bills by 2.4 million baht a year and reduce its CO2 emissions by 160 tons a year**. In addition, the system comes with a digital platform that enables customers to monitor their energy consumption in real time, 24 hours a day.

Enterprise interested in the Energy Management System can sign up for inquiries at or contact Banpu NEXT Call Center 02-095-6599.

Source: The Federation of Thai Industries/

** Results may vary based on customers’ electricity consumption behaviors and compliance to the expert guidelines

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