Banpu NEXT launches greener promotion for Smart Business transformation “Install Solar Power System Get Free!! Energy Monitoring System and EV Charger” get smarter, more valuable

Banpu NEXT, a leading smart energy solutions provider in Asia-Pacific, launches its big promotion especially for enterprises in the Net-Zero era featuring three energy solutions namely Energy Generation, Energy Monitoring and EV Charging to support businesses in their comprehensive clean energy consumption. Those who install the solar power system with Banpu NEXT will get free!! an in-depth Energy Monitoring System and EV Charger with Platform*. The promotion aims to help enterprises to enhance their energy efficiency, reduce electricity costs, create great value for money and new business opportunities while also paving the way for the reduction of CO2 emission, boosting sustainable brand image, promoting customers’ transformation into a smart business along with driving low-carbon society development.

In the business journey where all roads lead to a Net-Zero goal, clean energy technology has become one of the key factors implemented by various organizations for transformation into Smart and Low-carbon Business in response to the Net-Zero trend. Today only the technology adoption is not enough. It is essential to create an ecosystem of comprehensive clean energy consumption which allows enterprises to optimize energy management efficiency and to create all-round value for customers’ businesses and the society.

Banpu NEXT operates under the Banpu’s Greener & Smarter strategy, determined to provide a total Smart Energy Solutions for Sustainability that can tailor the solutions based on each specific customers’ needs so that customers can tap into infinite of clean energy. The company therefore incorporates three significant solutions — Smart Energy Generation (Solar Power System), Smart Data Analytics & Energy Management (Energy Monitoring System) and Smart Energy Utilization (EV Charger) — into a special promotion. The double-privilege promotion applies to a customer-invested solar installation with the capacity of over 300kW* or a Banpu NEXT-subsidized solar installation with the capacity of over 500kW. This promotion is valid from now until 31 December 2022

Privilege 1: Get free one-year in-depth Energy Monitoring System worth 25,000 baht. A platform that enables monitoring real-time and historical electricity production and consumption from the solar power system which provides a period-based electricity consumption check both from the solar power system and other sources. The platform can also send a real-time system failure alert. This allows enterprises to enhance their operations by predicting electricity-related costs in advance, making a long-term plan for electricity and maintenance cost reduction, optimize energy consumption efficiency as well as saving time previously spent on making an annual energy management report.

Privilege 2: Get free EV Charger with EVolt Platform worth 175,000 baht. The EV Charger caters to various brands of electric vehicles, suitable for businesses that use EVs as part of their transportation and logistics operations. The charger can also generate more business revenues by serving as a Public Charger. The privilege also comes with a three-year free charging management platform and a two-year warranty as well as an access to a 24-hours service center across Thailand.

Apart from total smart energy solutions, Banpu NEXT also has an expertise and experiences in all types of solar installation. The company also provides a one-stop service, ranging from consultation, design to installation with a digital platform that enables customer to monitor the operational system in a real-time via application. A 24-hours after-sale service is also available.

Enterprise interested in the promotion sign up at or for further information, contact call center at 02-095-6599.

*The promotion cannot be exchanged or redeemed for cash, discount, or other privileges.

*A solar installation agreement must be signed by 31 December 2022.

**The cost of the EV Charger installation is not inclusive of additional wiring in case extra wires are required and clients are to shoulder the said additional expenses. Installation is based on conditions applied by the company.

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About Banpu NEXT

Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Banpu PCL., is a leading smart energy solutions provider in Asia-Pacific with a vision of “Innovating Infinite Energy Solutions to All”. The company aims to create business growth by responding to future energy trends and smart city development and living needs of modern-day consumers. With customers in mind, Banpu NEXT combine customer centric, data-driven approach with our expertise in clean energy, technology, and hardware to top up our solution development, resulting in “Smart Energy Solutions for Sustainability”. Comprising of Smart Data Analytics & Energy Management, Smart Energy Generation, Smart Energy Storage, Smart Energy Utilization, and Smart Circular Economy, these solutions drive growth across our five business groups—Renewable Energy Generation, Energy Storage, Energy Trading, e-Mobility, and Smart Energy Management—as we provide end-to-end solutions with great value for money, reliability, and eco-friendliness to support sustainable development of all businesses.

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