“Banpu NEXT” and “Apex Green” unfold capabilities of Smart Industrial Estate Highlighting clean energy from solar floating and comprehensive public utilities to attract investors to EEC

Banpu NEXT and Apex Park, the developer of the Apex Green Industrial Estate, join force to transform the Apex Green Industrial Estate to smart industrial estate with a goal to become a model for low-carbon and sustainable industrial estate that creates all-round value for itself, entrepreneurs, communities, and the environment. The industrial estate is set to have solar floating as a source of clean energy which is purchasable for business purposes. The solar floating project is expected to reduce electricity costs and optimize the energy efficiency as well as to provide world-class technology and infrastructure with a strength of the EEC strategic location.

Located on the strategic area of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) in Chachoengsao province, the Apex Green Industrial Estate is considered a perfect location for investment from modern industries including the S-Curve and the New S-Curve such as metal product, machinery, and logistic equipment manufacturing; electronics and electric appliances manufacturing; sporting and toy product manufacturing; and logistic service center — all require appropriate pollution, contamination and waste protection and control protocols so that the environment and communities are not affected. With the development within the industrial estate now underway, Apex Green Industrial Estate will have a wide variety of ready built factories and warehouses with internationally-recognized technology and public utilities, smart city management system, convenient transportation system, eco-friendly, and surrounding communities; with the highlight being the installation of large-scale solar floating by Banpu NEXT with an expected total production capacity of 32 megawatts.

Mr. Nattapakorn Damnoenchanwanich, Chief Executive Officer of Apex Park Co., Ltd., said, “One of the company’s key commitments for the development of the industrial estate is to do the business while living harmoniously and sustainably with the community and the environment. As a result, we have incorporated the eco and smart industrial estate concept into the development of Apex Green Industrial Estate. Also the company is getting ready for the installation of large-scale solar floating over a
200-rai pond. Once the installation is complete, entrepreneurs will be allowed to purchase electricity from us which will help save up to 18%* of their electricity costs and will create a long-term value for money for investors here; moreover, businesses can expand their Carbon Credit portfolio which will help promote their image as a Smart Business in response to the global mega trend. Furthermore, Apex Park Industrial Estate also joins the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand’s project where entrepreneurs will be entitled to various privileges in terms of tax and other benefits. Special rates will also be offered to businesses interested in booking the area within this year.”

“With our determination to create a long-term value for businesses and surrounding environment, the company had been looking for a partner that could respond to all our requirements. One of the main reasons why we trust Banpu NEXT is their expertise and experiences in clean energy and energy technology business. Banpu NEXT is also an expert in solar installations with leading customers’ portfolios across Asia-Pacific. The large solar floating project in Rayong province is a pilot project which enables the company to fully realize the benefits of using clean energy in response to the need of entrepreneurs within the industrial estate. We also have a plan to incorporate Banpu NEXT’s solar system into more of our businesses under Apex Park in the future.”

Mr. Sinon Vongkusolkit, Chief Executive Officer of Banpu NEXT Co., Ltd., said, “Banpu NEXT is determined to provide Smart Energy Solutions for Sustainability that meet customers’ needs and continue to promote the development of smart cities. We are extremely delighted we are trusted and appointed by Apex Park to install solar floating within the Apex Green Industrial Estate. This collaboration aims significantly to drive the Apex Green Industrial Estate to become a smart industrial estate which is in line with the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand’s guideline** and in response to the mega trend in business and industry sustainable development (SD) and the Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) principle practiced by businesses all around the world. Such a collaborative effort is also to create the future of sustainable energy for Thailand based on Banpu’s Greener & Smarter strategy.”

“Our commitment in sustainability and space management for best benefits is incorporated into the design of the solar system which is ready to provide a total solutions service. The pond within the industrial estate is transformed into a clean energy source which creates more value yet does not affect the underwater ecology. The floats and the panel system are made flexible and resistant to water-wave or wind vibration. The solar panels are of high quality, able to produce high and stable electricity, resistant to humidity and erosion and safe. The distance between panels is also thoroughly calculated. The digital platform and dashboard are also installed to allow the industrial estate to monitor the water quality, the water level, and the operation of the solar system in real time 24/7. A team of experts are also on hand to provide advice as needed.”

“We believe the solar floating project in the Apex Green Industrial Estate will be able to provide great value and sustainable growth for the customer’s business, society, environment and will at the same time contribute to the betterment of life of people in the communities. Throughout the 20-year solar panel contract, the industrial estate is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 500,000 tons*. The project will also help strengthen the renewable energy and energy technology businesses. Apart from the installation of solar floating, we also plan to implement other Smart Energy Solutions such as an EV fleet management platform, energy management system and smart safety platform in the industrial estate and other businesses under Apex Park so that they become Smart Business in the future,” Mr. Sinon concluded.

*Results may vary based on the solar capacity, customer electricity consumption behaviors and compliance to the expert guidelines.

** https://old.ieat.go.th/eco/เกี่ยวกับecocenter/eco-roadmap

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