Banpu Infinergy Lights Up Hua Hin Lantern Festival 2018 with Chic and Clean Energy to Bring Happiness and Warmth at the End of 2018

The ambience of Hua Hin Lantern Festival 2018: Banpu Infinergy Company Limited contributed lighting generated by solar energy for the display of the elegant lanterns.

Banpu Infinergy Company Limited, a one-stop service provider of total solar energy solutions with advanced technologies, and a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, a leading integrated energy company in Asia-Pacific, joined hands with Cicada Market Co.,Ltd. in organizing the Hua Hin Lantern Festival 2018 at Cicada Market Hua Hin from 26 December 2018 – 6 January 2019.The festival’s theme was “FantaSea Recycle” which aims to raise awareness among the public and tourists about environmental issues and waste reduction as well as encourage them to appreciate the value of resources and energy that offer maximum benefit. The problems threatening marine creatures were showcased in the form of lantern art, the symbol of energy that brings happiness, warmth and smiles to everyone during the end-of-year celebration.

The festival offered an array of lantern creations, ranging from floor lamps to float lanterns and lanterns shaped like marine creatures fashioned from recycled materials such as plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and discarded remnants of fabric and paper. The light given off by some lanterns was generated by solar energy provided by Banpu Infinergy with the aim of perserving Thai resources and energy as well as building a bright and sustainable future. In addition, Banpu Infinergy provided 2 Solar Mobile Charging Kiosks at the festival for festival participants to charge their smartphones while enjoying the lantern display, the musical play and the night-time performances, which not only offered more convenience to festival participants but also helped combat global warming.